What does it mean to be All-In?

I believe that no man, woman, or child should go without a meal.

I believe that everyone deserves a safe place to sleep at night.

I believe that every resident in Alamance County has a stake in preventing homelessness and hunger, and supporting those that experience homelessness and hunger.

I believe that ACAC is a vital part of the solution, and I am All-In.

I’m All-In! What can I do to help?

Sign on as a monthly supporter of ACAC and join us in the fight to end homelessness and hunger in Alamance County.

What your monthly donation can do:

$25/month: daily meals for a shelter guest

$50/month: emergency groceries for 5 families

$100/month: 500 pounds of food for community kitchen meals

Show that you're All-In by setting up your recurring monthly gift, or making a one-time gift now to help us reach our goal.

When you sign on as a monthly supporter, you will receive a small gift of appreciation for your commitment.

  • All-In with a $25 monthly pledge: Your name on our All-In webpage + an ACAC decal

  • All-In with a $50 monthly pledge: Your name on our All-In webpage + an ACAC decal + an ACAC coffee mug

  • All-In with a $100 monthly pledge: Your name on our All-In webpage + an ACAC decal + an ACAC coffee mug + an All-In t-shirt

  • All-In with a $250 monthly pledge:  Your name on our All-In webpage + an ACAC decal + an ACAC coffee mug + an All-In t-shirt + an ACAC fleece jacket

**Donation Details**

All-In donations will be used in the area of greatest need at ACAC. If you would like for 100% of your gift to support our programs, please note in the comment box of your donation checkout that you would not like to receive any gifts. If your recurring donation is eligible for gifts, please allow 30 days for receipt of gifts. So that we can ensure proper sizing and delivery of gifts, please include all relevant contact information as you set up your monthly gift.


All-In Donors

  • Mary Louise Penaz
  • Lisa Lewis
  • Susan Kirkland
  • Faye Leath
  • William & Pam Austin
  • James Maynen
  • Dugald Hutchings
  • Leo & Laurie Lambert
  • Kathy Chavis & Resi Forrest
  • Tony & Clara Foriest
  • Mark Tosczak
  • Dr. Ariana Pancaldo
  • Sarah Price
  • Joan Sullivan
  • Beth Wilson
  • Richard & Harriet Settle
  • The Times-News
  • Kirk Puckett
  • Linda D. Paul
  • Kate D. Hickey
  • Grove Park Baptist BYKOTA Class
  • Joel & Beverly Brown
  • Doug & JC Scott
  • Sid & Ann Little
  • Ed & Rene Burgess
  • Susan Puckett
  • David Williams
  • Sarah Kathryn Coley
  • Marvin Blackburn
  • Burlington Christian Church
  • Jim Bryan
  • Tyffany Alexander
  • James Wilkes
  • B.J. & Crystal Bailey
  • Kim Crawford
  • Sara Beth Hardy
  • Parthenia Ingram
  • Barb Baranski
  • Ronald Jacobs
  • McPherson Cleaners, Inc.
  • Glen Raven, Inc.
  • Naylor Clinic of Chiropractic & Acupuncture
  • Jeanette Blackburn
  • Richard & Glenda Blue
  • Joe & Kaye Canada
  • Angela T. Crumpler
  • Russell & Diane B. Gill
  • John & Gail Harwood
  • Dick Holt
  • Robert & Kathryn Jessup
  • Elizabeth King
  • Jeanmarie Koonts
  • Barbara S. Mebane
  • Murry & Ann Munns
  • D. Kay Payne
  • Mrs. Warren Rouse
  • Julie M. Schnier
  • Jimmy Sharpe
  • Carol L. Sledge
  • Herb Smith
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Stitt
  • Chris Parks
  • Audrey Foushee
  • Leslie Haines
  • Eleanor Hoke
  • Mary Isley
  • Don & Barbara Morrison
  • Maple Grove Baptist Church
  • Martha Sink
  • Elizabeth Ann Slaughter
  • David & Jennifer Smith
  • Charles Steele
  • Francis & Cicely Steffen
  • Jenna Johnson
  • Mitzy Page
  • William C. Powell
  • Dr. & Mrs. John Walker
  • Leonard Hampton
  • Charles Hawks
  • Bruce Shields
  • Dr. & Mrs. Richard Letvak
  • Nancy I. Williams
  • Eleanor Borst
  • Bob & Barbara Byrd
  • Luanne Driver
  • John Glosek
  • Dr. & Mrs. G. Kernodle
  • Lynn W. Moore
  • Carla Oakley
  • Kathleen Treadwell
  • J.T. Lindley III
  • Bobby & Shirley Clodfelter