What does it mean to be All-In?

I believe that no man, woman, or child should go without a meal.

I believe that everyone deserves a safe place to sleep at night.

I believe that every resident in Alamance County has a stake in preventing homelessness and hunger, and supporting those that experience homelessness and hunger.

I believe that ACAC is a vital part of the solution, and I am All-In.

I’m All-In! What can I do to help?

Sign on as a monthly supporter of ACAC and join us in the fight to end homelessness and hunger in Alamance County.

What your monthly donation can do:

$25/month: daily meals for a shelter guest

$50/month: emergency groceries for 5 families

$100/month: 500 pounds of food for community kitchen meals

Show that you're All-In by setting up your recurring monthly gift, or making a one-time gift now to help us reach our goal.

**Donation Details**

All-In donations will be used in the area of greatest need at ACAC. If you have a specific area you'd like your donation to go to, please put a note in the comments box when you checkout. Thanks.